Andrea's Childcare

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Before and After School!



I collect from Southend Infant and Junior Schools as well as local nurseries and pre-schools.

 Children that are old enough to walk to and from school are able to attend too  (written permission from parents allowing their children to walk will be required) We are just 5 minutes walk away with no roads to cross.

This is available from 7.30 am until 9.15am and then from 3pm until 6.30pm (flexible)

Your child can attend just before school or just after school if you wish.

I include the following in the hourly rate:

Breakfast will be included (this is usually cereal, toast and fruit juice etc)

School drop off and collection included (unless your child walks to or from my house)

Drink and either sandwiches, hot cross buns, hot crumpets or toast on return from school.  Fruit is also available.

Children can do their homework and I will help where I can and assist with resources including Internet and encyclopaedias etc plus we have lots of arts and crafts materials should children need to make anything for school.

Please note there is a minimum charge of 2 hours per day and all charges are rounded up to the nearest hour.  In many cases I will offer a fixed rate for the week.

Dinner is available for a small charge of £2 per day.

What do we do??

Before school, we are usually busy with breakfast and getting ready for school.

After school, we come home and have a drink and snack, then the children have a choice of the following:

Free play in our playroom, organised activity that I set out for when the children come home, arts and crafts, PS3, reading, TV, Arts and Crafts and sometimes we walk to the shops  We may bake cookies or cakes subject to numbers of children and how many little ones we have!

 Your suggestions and feedback would be very welcome, please feel free to leave any comments in my guestbook!