Andrea's Childcare

Loving, fun, homely and educational



All meals are home made and fresh.  I endeavour to use organic and free range eggs and meat. 

I do not make up portions and freeze them.

I have attended Healthy Eating and Food Hygiene Courses.

I have been awarded 5 Stars by Environmental Health and asked to pilot the new Heartbeat Award

Snacks and drinks are available throughout the day and are included in my fees.

Breakfast is served between 7.30am and 8am, Lunch is between 12pm and 1pm, Dinner is between 4pm and 5pm

Snacks consist of fresh fruit, biscuits,dried fruit, raw vegetables and dips, cake, crumpets, toast etc

Fresh fruit and water is readily available throughout the day

All after school children are offered sandwiches, toast, hot crumpets, hot cross buns or similar.

A 2 course hot dinner is available for £2.00

Drinks are either water, milk, squash or fruit juice

I am happy to cater for all diets. I have previously catered for Gluten free diets, Vegetarian, Diabetic and my own son has a nut intolerance.

I am also happy if you wish to provide your own meals and snacks for your child as children may prefer this.

I do not provide baby formula and would ask you to provide this, I am also happy to use breast milk if you provide this.

Below I have listed some sample meals we may have in a typical week



 cornflakes and strawberries and toast/fruit juice/milk

pitta breads with ham or cheese, raw carrots and cucumber, yoghurt or fruit  Turkey Tagine with Couscous then yoghurt
 TUE  weetabix and banana and toast/fruit juice/milk  ham and mashed potato and jelly or fruit  Meatballs with rice then apple pie and custard
 WED  croissants and toast/fruit juice/milk  scrambled egg on toast then yoghurt or fruit  Lamb Stew and dumplings then fruit salad
 THUR  porridge and apricot with toast/fruit juice/milk  spaghetti on toast then jelly or fruit  Spaghetti bolognese then ice cream
 FRI  coco pops and toast/fruit juice/milk  noodles and chicken then yoghurt or fruit  Chicken Risotto then angel delight or fruit